December brings with it snow, Christmas lights, mulled wine… and amazing classic African art! The major auction houses will be selling pieces from important collections.

See the upcoming sales in December.

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Madeleine Meunier

Guardian of Treasure

Near half a century later, Madeleine Meunier’s incredible and inescapable tribal art collection will be back on the market. We spent time with Bruno Claessens, European Head of African & Oceanic Art at Christie’s Paris, to discuss what he considers interesting lots at the upcoming Christie's and Millon sale.

Collector Spotlights

Experience is the Teacher of All Things

Collecting is a fundamental human trait but we must ensure that we collect what we love and learn as much as we can before and after we make a purchase. Learn how new and established classic African art collectors assess authenticity before buying. View highlights from their extensive personal collections.


Respect Your Ancestors

It is believed that boho-na-bwete shrines allow the living to communicate with ancestors in the spirit realm through offerings made to the bwete shrines. Worshiping ancestor ensures the protection and survival of the community. Sotheby’s has a number of Kota boho-na-bwete figures coming up for auction in December. View the distinguishing features of these figures.