Kristina Achmann-Paul & Andreas Achmann

"Objects from the Cross River region and the Cameroon border appeal to us the most for their savage and raw beauty."
Read how Kristina and Andreas source and acquire beautiful art from East Nigeria.

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Artist Spotlight

Wole Lagunju

Drawing from his childhood experiences in Oṣogbo and professional life in urban Lagos, Wole combines classical Gelede masks with European imagery to explore themes about culture, prestige, race, and globalisation.

Artist Spotlight

Marc Montaret

Self-taught artist, Marc Montaret creates contemporary interpretations of classic African sculptures and masks, in a bid to drive the rediscovery of ancient art forms. See how Marc exposes the relationship between the modern and the traditional.

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Artist Spotlight

Jean-Claude MoschettI

Photographer Jean-Claude Moschetti aims to capture the metaphysical realm that exists beyond our perceived reality. His series, 'Magic on earth', captures the masquerades of Sierra Leone, Benin, Guinea and Burkina Faso to highlight the coexistence of the supernatural and the mundane—to explore the visual and spiritual elements of masquerading in West Africa today.

Artist Spotlight

Adeniyi Olagunju

Adeniyi Olagunju wants his art to start a conversation—a conversation about how the raw materials we extract from the ground have taken precedence over more important things in our lives including culture, art and traditions. Read how Niyi’s work of bisected traditional African art questions this value system.