Italian architect, Renzo Piano believes that museums are a place “where one should lose one’s head“. We agree. Here are the museums with collections of stunning classic African art where we can all ‘lose our heads’ on Instagram.

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Witches Are. Witches Do

The Lobi believe that the universe was created by the god Tangba, under which sit a number of Thila spirits. Villagers make use of altar based bateba figures to communicate with the spirit world of the Thila and to pray for protection.


Harnessing Oju Inu

The Yoruba believe that an individual’s life destiny are pre-defined at birth by the individual’s inner head (ori inu). Once a Yoruba king, the Oba, places his crown on his head, his ori inu is connected directly with his ancestors; a symbol of his power and command over his people.

Uhunmwun Elao

Commemorating Ancestors

The first task of any new Edo king is to create an altar dedicated to his deceased father who reigned before him. Placed on the altar is a bronze cast of a commemorative head. These cast heads signify the success and status of previous kings.