The presence of classic African art continues to grow in established art fairs like TEFAF and BRAFA, while the appeal of dedicated tribal art fairs shows no sign of dissipating. All these fairs present a unique opportunity for collectors to see, touch, and learn all you can about classic African art.

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Picasso Primitif

Upcoming Museum Exhibitions

Does Picasso’s "Femme Assise Près d’une Fenêtre" look anything like the Baga Nimba Headdress? When asked about his relationship with non-European art, the artist said “Negro art? Don’t know it.” The Musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac exhibition aims to demonstrate Picasso’s interest in African art.


Demonstrating Feminine Ideals

Said to be a symbol of maturity, fertility and femininity, Baga d’mba performances are used to demonstrate community ideals of purity and social behaviour and also to ensure the future fertility and prosperity of women.

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‘Thing Placed on Top’

Nsodia heads are believed to be created by elderly female artists after the death of a prominent leader and placed in asenie shrines, shrines at which villagers would make offerings to the dead.