Mgba Mgba (Prestige Necklace)

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During special ceremonies and community festivals, the fon (king) of the Bamum kingdom wears a mgba mgba prestige necklace made of a copper alloy (typically brass).

Made by a special guild of artists, the Pa Nguot, mgba mgba neckalces are made exclusively for the fon. However the fon may decide to gift royal neck ornaments to high ranking and loyal palace retainers and other members of nobility.

Distinguishing Features

  • Number of bronze human or animal heads
    • Human heads wear royal mpelet headdresses
    • Buffalo, ram and bird heads (emblem of high ranking retainers and nobility; NOTE: rams associated with 'fathers of the king' (titamfon), the three highest ranking retainers at the palace)
  • Heads slipped onto iron ring
  • Heads held in place by rear hooks
  • Hook clasp at end of neck ring

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