Hegba (Stool)

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The Bongo of Sudan carve backless and armless small stools called hegba. Used solely by women, these distinctive stools were once found in every Bongo household and were designed for use in everyday activities.

Distinguishing Features

  • Stool carved from a single piece of wood
    • Chestnut-brown wood of the göl tree
  • Thin, concave, oval seat
    • Concave length, convex width
  • Some have flat lug projecting down from end of seat
    • Some have a handle projecting from front lug
  • Four sturdy legs extend from underside of stool
    • Carved as two pairs
    • Joined along their tops by a semicircular strut
    • Each leg splays outwards
    • Legs end in short 'out-turned feet'
    • Feet sometimes carved into convex flat-sided lugs

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