Send It Back!

Chronicling the African Art Repatriation Debate

April 11, 2021 By: Adenike Cosgrove

As the debate about the restitution and repatriation of looted African artworks and cultural artefacts rages on, we chronicle the timeline of events that have and continue to shape the question, should Western museums send back looted African art.

New Book: Transitional Art of the Tikar from Cameroon

March 28, 2021 By: Dr. David Zemanek

Much of the classic African art in the market today was made during colonial times for a western audience. Dr. David Zemanek explains how local artists responded to increased demand by analysing Tikar art made by Cameroonian artists.

Chasing Asiru Olatunde’s Dreams

March 27, 2021 By: Molara Wood

Revisiting the 2005 exhibition at the John Martin Gallery devoted to the work by Nigerian artist, Asiru Olatunde.


1966 in African Art

March 22, 2021 By: Hermione Waterfield

Charting the people, places, and events that defined the year.

Here Are the Must-Try Hair Trends of the 1900s

Animating Old Photos of Igbo People

March 19, 2021 By: Adenike Cosgrove

Here are the hair trends to try from 1900s Igboland.

Christie’s Sells the Saulnier Ciolkowska Collection for €87,875

March 14, 2021 By: Adenike Cosgrove

Review of the 'Living with African and Oceanic Arts' auction.