Meet the African Art Dealers of Instagram

March 25, 2017

By: Adenike Cosgrove

We can’t make it to every gallery or fair—but luckily the African art community on Instagram is growing, giving us a view into the star pieces on show by major dealers. The platform is a great way to educate and inspire a new generation of African art collectors.

Here are the #AfricanArtDealers who tell stories, take us on journeys, and feature the most beautiful classic African art pieces.

Alain Naoum | Belgium


Amyas Naegele | United States

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Galerie Bernard Dulon | Belgium


Bruce Frank | United States

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Charles-Wesley Hourdé | France


David Malík | United Kingdom


Didier Claes | France

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Galerie Flak | France

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Jacaranda Tribal | United States


Galerie Kanem | France

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Karlsson and Wickman | Sweden


Galerie Lucas Ratton | France


Pace Primitive | United States


Serge Schoffel | Belgium

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Tribal Gathering | United Kingdom


Galerie Yann Ferrandin | France

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