The Marceau Rivière Collection

Preview of the Upcoming Sotheby's Auction

June 16, 2019 By: Adenike Cosgrove

The Sotheby's sale of the Marceau Rivière COllection kicks off tomorrow! Here's what to keep an eye out for during the auction.

Artist Spotlight

Kofi Cole, United States

June 13, 2019 By: Adenike Cosgrove

'Kofi Cole', the artist pseudonym used by African art historian Herbert M. Cole, creates miniature versions of classic African figures and masks. In this Artist Spotlight, we hear from Kofi Cole about his love of African art and his creations which praise the small.

Tristan Tzara

Poet, Writer, Film Producer, and Collector

June 01, 2019 By: Leif Birger Holmstedt

In his 'Note on Negro Art', Tristan Tzara proclaimed that "black draws light". The father of the Dada art movement was a passionate collector of historical African art. We explore who Tzara was and what drove his love of art from the African continent.


Collector Spotlight

Jean & Noble Endicott, United States

April 06, 2019 By: Adenike Cosgrove

"Learn to tell real from fake. That’s my number one concern. So many collectors have spent a lot of money building collections with hundreds of fakes!"


Stories and Identities of a Universal Art

March 19, 2019 By: Elio Revera || Ilaria Pol Bodetto

I had the pleasure and the honour of being asked to collaborate on the preparation of this important exhibition. The following presentation, which accompanies the event, is the result of the joining of forces between those that knew and appreciated Ezio Bassani.

Royal Arts of Ghana

Gold Ornaments from the Hartmann Collection

March 02, 2019 By: Dr. David Zemanek

The appreciation of West African gold objects is based on their richness of form and highly sophisticated craftsmanship. We delve into the skill involved in making royal Akan gold ornaments by reviewing works from the Hartmann Collection.