Artist Spotlight

Nathan Mabry, United States

February 10, 2019 By: Adenike Cosgrove

Nathan Mabry’s work transforms the known into the new and the unexpected. Mabry melds classic African art with the contemporary, producing works in wood, plaster, and clay that satirise modernist derivates of historical works. Through his work, Mabry questions the narratives of progress that frame the history of Western art.

Rage Against the Machine

Highlights of BRAFA 2019

February 03, 2019 By: Adenike Cosgrove

BRAFA 2019 closes this weekend. Here's what to expect at the fair this year.

Dealer Spotlight

Nicolas Paszukiewicz & Sébastien Hauwaert, Belgium

January 23, 2019 By: Ilaria Pol Bodetto || Deborah Dainese

"Young collectors need to exercise patience. They do not need to create their collection in six months, it doesn’t work like that. Collecting should be a lifetime passion, there’s no need to rush. Take your time, have fun—there’s nothing more rewarding."


The African Mona Lisa

Ben Enwonwu's 'Tutu'

January 18, 2019 By: Sandro Capo Chichi

Many have bemoaned the label 'African Mona Lisa' used to describe Ben Enwonwu's 'Tutu'. But is it a justified appellation? Sandro Capo Chichi investigates.

Leon Underwood

Sculptor, Scholar, and Collector

January 13, 2019 By: Leif Birger Holmstedt

Leon Underwood was the father of British modernism, tutor to Henry Moore. But did you know that he collected classic African art too?

Asen: Identifying Form, Style, and Artists

Barbier-Mueller Exhibition Preview: Part II

December 10, 2018 By: Suzanne Preston Blier

We provide a preview of the exhibition, Asen: Mémoires de fer Forgé - Art Vodun du Danhomè in this two-part article. Part II explores these stunning works, both individually and in core artistic groups that represent key examples of these arts from the southern West African area of Benin Republic.