Collector Spotlight

Javier Peres, Berlin

February 13, 2018 By: Adenike Cosgrove

"The mistakes that I made were collecting purely impulsively and not really studying and comparing and doing the legwork. Because early on, not doing the preliminary steps can be very detrimental. Late in the game, now, I can make a really quick decision on something and the likelihood of me screwing up is a lot less."

Robert Jacobsen

Artist and Collector

February 09, 2018 By: Leif Birger Holmstedt

When asked why he collects African art, artist Robert Jacobsen said, "I have always been interested in art related to magic. It invites the imagination..."

Splendid Splendour

Our Review of BRAFA 2018

January 28, 2018 By: Adenike Cosgrove

BRAFA 2018 is now in full swing. Here's a preview of what to expect at the fair this year.


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2018 State of the African Art Market

Voice of the Collector

January 05, 2018 By: Adenike Cosgrove

Discover who today’s collectors of African art are, what they are buying, and how they think the market will evolve over the next few years in ÌMỌ̀ DÁRA's first State of the African Art Market report.

New Book: Maternités aus dem Pays Lobi

December 16, 2017 By: Dr. Stephan Herkenhoff

The Lobi people of Burkina Faso are one of the most interesting in Africa. Their belief in nature spirits and gods still exists today as does their authentic, varied and very individual representation of maternity figures.

Artist Spotlight

Lukman Alade Fakeye, Nigeria

December 04, 2017 By: Adenike Cosgrove

The youngest of the Fakeye family of carvers, Lukman Alade Fakeye, son of Akin Fakeye and nephew of Lamidi Fakeye, continues the carving legacy by creating contemporary versions of traditional Yoruba art.