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Ekpesi ('Feather Man' Headdress)


During the dry summer months, when farming demands less attention, the Eloyi begin their masquerade. It is a celebration of the male elders who passed away the previous year. The Ekpesi is worn by the drummer during this annual ritual. It is also...

Kiyunde (Buffalo Headdress)


Two types of masks are used in Tabwa culture. The first type takes form in an anthropomorphic facial or full-head mask. The second kind is a massive buffalo mask that’s worn on one’s head, sometimes with wooden handles...

Geh-Naw (Initiation Headdress)


The geh-naw is an initiation headdress worn by the Chu-den-zo initiation society of the Bassa people in Liberia. The Bassa are a part of Poro society, brought into it by the neighbouring Dei and Kpelle people.

As a...

Kablé (Buffalo Headdress)


The Tussian (called Tusiã, Tusian, Toussian, and Tusya, in various sources) are a small ethnic group in Burkina Faso. All men and some women within the community must be initiated into the Dó (also called Dou) association....

Ogbodo Enyi (Elephant Spirit Headdress)


The Izzi Igbo of Nigeria make use of a crest mask, or headdress, called ogbodo enyi, to cleanse each community of evil spirits and distructive elements, and are also used as agents for social control. Enyi meaning either...

Komokun (Beast Headdress)


The social, economic and spiritual lives of Bamana men, in Southwestern Mali, are governed by a six initiation societies collectively known as dyow (sing. dyo). The six societies are n’domo, kòmò, nama, kono, chi wara...