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Bocio (Protective Figure)


The Fon ethnic group of Benin worship vodun (meaning ‘gods, spirits, ancestors, and deities’) and Mawu (the supreme God) of the Vodun religion. Similar to the Yoruba orisha, the Fon believe that vodun, residing in the...

Igheghan (Altar Bell)


The Edo made use of altars and shrines as a point of communication with ancestors. Placed on these ancestor altars are igheghan altar bells. The bells are rung at the beginning of rituals, to awaken the spirits of deceased...

Aseberia (Iyoba Altar Tableau)


Placed at the centre of the Iyoba’s (queen mother’s) royal ancestor altar, in the palace of the ruling Oba (king), these tableaus (called aseberia or in some cases urhoto) are created by the ruling Oba after the...