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Osanmasinmi (Ram’s Head Altarpiece)


Primarily found in the Owo region of Yorubaland, carved ram’s heads / or human heads with horns (osanmasinmi) adorn ancestral altars and shrines (ojupo) of royals, chiefs and Yoruba leaders. Osanmasinmi heads honour...

Cisakulo (Comb)


Combs (cisakulo) were used to detangle, style and decorate the hair of Chokwe men and women (however according to Marie-Louise Bastin, only men used combs to style their headdresses).1

Cisakulo were also inserted into...

Ngundja (Ceremonial Chair)


Through early encounters with Portuguese traders (the start of which dates back to 16th / 17th century) European artefacts heavily influenced the design of royal artefacts and household utensils.

An example of this is...